Thursday, April 23, 2020

Another Paint Update: 4/21/20

PROJECT 51: Another paint update. (Just four days later!) As promised, Brandon continues to send me progress photos as my MG parts move through the bodywork and paint process.
The mottled look on the parts is called a "guide coat," and is a very thin layer (almost a sprinkling) of dark paint over a lighter primer. The parts will then be lightly sanded and any areas that still show the guide-coat color are low spots that need to be addressed using spot putty or a high-build primer. These steps are especially important when a car's final color will be dark, like the British Racing Green that I've chosen.
This type of professionalism and attention to detail are things that you would expect from a "custom paint shop" (that would take months to paint your car) and speaks volumes about the team that Brandon has at the Mesa Maaco.
Looking forward to seeing the color on all the parts!

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