Sunday, May 10, 2020

Reassembly is Nigh!

PROJECT 51: Reassembly is nigh! Last week I got the frame, the wheels, and assorted other parts back from media-blasting and powder-coat. Yesterday, I got all the body parts back from paint, and they look awesome!
Maaco is one of very few suppliers I've dealt with on this project that has delivered when they said they would. Brandon told me it would be "about three weeks," and he called me to come get the parts three weeks and one day later. The bodywork that they did is beautiful, and the color is exactly what I wanted. After the car is assembled, I'm going to bring it back to them and they are going to color-sand and buff the body as a whole.
Because I'm not quite ready to start putting body panels on the frame, I had to store all the parts somewhere where they wouldn't get damaged. Did you know that you can fit all the parts for an MG TD body in your living room? (That was actually my wife, Diane's, idea, not mine, bless her heart!)

Newly powder-coated frame  waiting
for parts to be attached.
Powder-coated wheels.

A TD in the living room.

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