Monday, February 24, 2020

Rock(er) On!

PROJECT 51: Rock(er) on! I finally got around to putting the new bushings in the rocker arms. I made a piloted mandrel with the intention of using my mill as an arbor press to push the old bushings out, but they wouldn't budge with the force I could put on the quill handles. I ended up using the vice, and had to lean pretty hard on the handle to make even that work.
The bushings have a very tight press-fit for good reason; they are designed with oil channels and an oil hole that must line up with the hole in the rocker. If the bushing were to rotate over time, it would shut off the flow of oil and the bushing would wear out very quickly.
After pressing in the new bushings, also in the vice, they had to be sized to match the new shaft. Pictured is one of the yard-sale adjustable hand-reamers shaving the bronze bearing material out to its proper size.
Assembled on a new shaft the rocker arm assembly is almost ready for installation. It will get new jam-nuts for the push-rod screws before it gets bolted to the head.

Attempt to use my mill as an arbor press.

Using the mill's vice as press.

Adjustable hand-reamer opening up a new bushing.

Old bushing.

New bushing showing oil channel and hole.

Old and new shafts. 
Nearly completed assembly. The adjusting screws
will get new jam-nuts.

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